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LithaCon ATZ 980

Alumina-toughened zirconia (ATZ)

LithaCon ATZ 980

Alumina-toughened zirconia (ATZ) combines the best material properties of alumina and zirconia. This results in high levels of strength, hardness, fracture toughness, as well as good biocompatibility, chemical inertness and abrasion resistance.

Technische Daten
Relative Dichte (%)


3-Punkt-Biegefestigkeit [MPa]


Maximale Wandstärke (mm)


Thermischer Ausdehnungskoeffizient (ppm/K)

The ATZ powder used by Lithoz in LithaCon ATZ 980 has around 20 wt% alumina and 80 wt% zirconia. Thanks to remarkably high wall thicknesses up to 20 mm and a characteristic strength of 750 MPa (3PB, as fired), complex and highly precise 3D-printed ATZ parts can now be produced using LithaCon ATZ 980.

The desirable material properties of ATZ components make them perfectly suited to medical applications, such as permanent implants in dentistry and orthopedics, as well as other high-wear applications. 


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