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‘The Ceramic 3D Factory’ at RAPID + TCT 2024: Lithoz launches new dimension of 3D-printed ceramic serial production in the USA

  • At the upcoming RAPID + TCT, Lithoz will present the ‘Ceramic 3D Factory’ as CeraFab System industrial 3D printers enable ceramic serial production
  • World premiere of LCM-printed 15” semiconductor ALD ring live at the Lithoz booth (1613)
  • New CeraControl software allows for 100 globally interconnected CeraFab S65 3D printers to achieve millions of parts per year
  • Range of innovative industrial and medical parts produced by Lithoz ceramic 3D printing network in an exclusive ‘touch and feel’ opportunity

13th June 2024: Vienna, Austria. At the upcoming RAPID + TCT, Lithoz will highlight their global ‘Ceramic 3D Factory’ network and launch the CeraControl software, driving ceramic additive manufacturing to a new dimension of serial production. In its world premiere, a 15” (380mm) semiconductor ALD ring from Alumina Systems printed using LCM technology will be shown at the Lithoz booth (1613). Visitors can experience an impressive range of innovative industrial and medical parts, produced by global Lithoz partners, in an exclusive ‘touch and feel’ opportunity.

With clear growing demand for ceramic 3D printing at an industrial scale across industries, the success of Lithoz’s partners and technology in serial production is becoming ever more visible. Lithoz will showcase the arrival of “The Ceramic 3D Factory”, uniting Lithoz technology and service bureaus all over the world in one global network for interconnected serial production across fields such as semiconductor production, aerospace and MedTech. RAPID + TCT 2024 will be this year’s main touchpoint for the showcase of this global “Ceramic 3D Factory” network strengthened by the new CeraControl software, which allows for 100 globally interconnected CeraFab S65 3D printers.

An impressive showcase of 260 identically designed aerospike nozzles produced at varying sizes will demonstrate the perfect reproducibility and powerful scalability of LCM technology to industrial dimensions. With 100 Lithoz CeraFab System S65 printers connected, the smallest parts shown can be manufactured with exact reproducibility at a printing speed of 3:46 minutes per part, resulting in an annual total volume of almost 14 million parts.

A 15” (380mm) diameter alumina gas distribution ring from Alumina Systems using Lithoz LCM technology will be on show at the booth. Alumina is used to ensure a constant gas flow and pressure even when using reactive gases. Capitalizing on the design freedom of Lithoz LCM technology, the part manufactured performs more effectively than conventionally produced rings thanks to a more complex design, allowing for an exceptionally lightweight and thin-walled structure.

After the overwhelming interest in 3D-printed healthcare applications in recent years, fascinating bioresorbable ceramic implants made of hydroxy apatite and multi-feature surgical tools will be on show as an exclusive ‘touch and feel’ opportunity.

Lithoz Contact: Alice Elt +43 660 1563231 / aelt@lithoz.com


09.09. – 14.09.2024
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