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CeraFab Lab L30

Compact budget – full function

Specially designed for use in research and development, the CeraFab Lab L30 is the ideal entry into ceramic 3D printing.

Full range of LCM performance

Drucker CeraFab Lab L30

Optimized for usage in labs

The compact LCM printer with full function. For successful entry into ceramic 3D printing.

Give your products a decisive boost in their further development. The same Lithoz LCM technology, more affordable than ever before. Successfully build prototypes and produce first small batches with Lithoz-level precision. We're ready - are you?

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The best choice for a compact budget

At the beginning of every research project, there are usually questions of financing. This is precisely why we created the CeraFab Lab L30, an entry-level model for those just getting started in ceramic 3D printing. This is designed to ensure that even limited budgets have access to the best possible technology with full functionality.

Research at top level

Innovation in the ceramics industry has picked up tremendous speed thanks to 3D printing, with numerous visionary ideas suddenly appearing within reach. Lithoz LCM printers will continue to be the decisive factor in this growth - and with the affordable CeraFab Lab L30, this key technology is more accessible than ever.

Technical Data

In the CeraFab L30 Lab, the LCM technology has been specially designed for affordability and use in labs.

Lateral resolution


Building speed

up to 150 layers per hour

Layer thickness
25 – 100µm
Building envelope (x / y / z)

76 x 43 x 170mm

Dimensions (L x W x H)

0.75 x 0.55 x 1.60m

The CeraFab Lab was developed to make the renowned advantages of Lithoz's LCM technology - such as unmatched precision, first-class lasting quality, economical dosing or even partnership-based customer support - more attainable than ever before. We would also be happy to discuss financing options that work for you.

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