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CeraFab System S25

Printing superior microstructures

The CeraFab printer for when the key difference lies in the greatest possible level of detail.

Highest possible level of detail in microstructures

Drucker CeraFab S25

resolution of 25 µm

The CeraFab S25 printer - engineered for microstructures without compromise.

In the series of CeraFab System 3D printers, the S25 takes on the role of the detail-oriented specialist. Thanks to its slightly smaller build platform, the LCM technology is optimized for the highest possible levels of perfection and accuracy.

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Compact platform for extreme accuracy

Sometimes less is more - and this includes Lithoz's 3D printers using LCM technology. The CeraFab S25 has the most compact build platform of all the System printers, but reaches unique dimensions in terms of exposure accuracy.

Designed for microstructures

The CeraFab System S25 enters the spotlight when it comes to achieving goals other than high quantities or maximum economic efficiency. Its unique mission is to explore the capabilities of LCM technology to the utmost in terms of microstructure precision and complexity.

Materialdetail CeraFab S25 2

Technical Data

Seitenansicht Drucker CeraFab S25
In the CeraFab System S25, our LCM technology has been designed to print at the most detailed level of accuracy.
Lateral resolution

25 µm

Building speed

up to 150 layers per hour

Layer thickness
10 – 100 µm
Building envelope (x / y / z)
64 x 40 x 320 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1.05 x 0.85 x 1.78 m

A central element of the CeraFab System is the database-supported storage and management of all process data, enabling seamless documentation of print jobs. Optional software upgrades allow for even better parameter control or adjustment, as well as the structuring of your production data and the possibility of real-time process monitoring via real-time remote video transmission.

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