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QEP3D – the authorized Lithoz Service Provider for LIS and LSD-Print Technology

2nd March 2023: Vienna, Austria / Potsdam, Germany. Lithoz GmbH has officially appointed Germany-based QEP3D as their service provider for the new Layer-wise Slurry Deposition (LSD-Print) technology, recently added through the CerAMing acquisition, and for the Laser-Induced Slipcasting (LIS) technology launched in 2022.

Quick and Easy Print 3D was founded in 2022 by CEO Dr. Thomas Mühler and CFO Manja Seebe. Mühler has been directly involved in the development of both processes and knows every single detail about both technologies.

CEO and Founder Thomas Mühler and CFO Manja Seebe. With their LIS printer, the CeraMax Vario V900 (right), and their LSD printer (background), QEP3D provide printing services for both new ceramic AM technologies in the Lithoz tech portfolio

“Both LSD-Print and LIS offer unique added value for the ceramic industry,” explained Mühler. “With our deep understanding built up during their development phase, we decided to found QEP3D in order to share this unique know-how with the ceramic industry. We are really proud to be the first service bureau able to offer both innovations from one hand to the market, opening a completely new door for specific customer demands for technical ceramics in terms of size, thickness, surface quality and, above all, perfect density.”

Dr. Johannes Homa, Lithoz CEO, confirmed: “With the experienced and flexible team at QEP3D, we have found the perfect partner to deliver the long-awaited solution to our customers’ requests for bigger ceramic parts with thicker walls and perfect density. By appointing a service provider for our brand-new LIS and LSD technologies, alongside the market-leading LCM process we can now offer a solid “all from one source portfolio” of complementary, value-adding processes in 3D printing for advanced ceramics.”

LIS technology is the top 3D molding process for producing large parts with thick walls and full densities. This innovative technique complements and accelerates conventional ceramic processes.

LSD and LIS perfectly complement Lithoz’s technology portfolio. The market-leading LCM process available from Lithoz clearly focuses on ultra-precise resolutions and highly complex internal structures. On the other side, LIS unfolds its full potential by printing near net shape parts with particularly high wall thicknesses and the largest possible volumes with complete densities. The LSD-Print technology smoothly covers the area between the LCM and LIS process.

The appointment of QEP3D, covering requests for LSD and LIS-printed parts, marks an important milestone for Lithoz in truly fulfilling their promise of delivering the highest quality in ceramic 3D printing technology and creating proactive partnerships with customers to drive their innovation forward. Depending on the specific strength of each technology, even the most diverse of customer requirements can now be fulfilled from a single source.

Contact QEP3D to learn how LIS and LSD-Print could revolutionize your production!

Tel: 03329 69 74646

Mail: info@qep3d.de


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