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‚The Rise of Lithoz: Innovative Ceramic 3D Printing‘ via Fabbaloo

Lithoz seems to be on a roll, expanding in several directions.

The company specializes in ceramic 3D printing, which, although it’s a relatively small niche, is rapidly growing as industry discovers new applications for ceramics. Ceramic prints have the advantages of being extremely hard, chemically resistant and also can withstand tremendous heat.

Lithoz has acquired a couple of new related 3D processes in recent months, and only a few weeks ago Lithoz announced they’ve signed a deal with SiNAPTIC.

SiNAPTIC is a Colorado-based 3D print service specializing in ceramics for the healthcare and industrial applications.

The deal involves SiNAPTIC acquiring not one, but seven Lithoz CeraFab S65 machines. The S65 has a build volume of 102 x 64 x 320 mm, and can print layers as small as 0.10mm with 0.04mm XY resolution. The S65 can 3D print in a wide variety of ceramic materials from Lithoz’s catalog.

Read the full article with Fabbaloo here.


03.10. – 04.10.2023
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