Lithoz ceramic 3D printing technology: a game-changer for aerospace applications

Written by 3D Printing Industry. When it comes to 3D printing in aerospace, metals are often the conventional material. However, high-performance 3D printed ceramics possess a number of excellent properties which make them highly efficient, and especially well suited for use in extreme environments. This makes ceramics ideal for 3D printing parts for aerospace applications.   …

Interview with TCT Magazine – Laser-Induced Slipcasting: Dark Materials

When TCT met with Dr Johannes Homa to mark the 10th anniversary of Lithoz, the CEO recalled the ceramic 3D printing company’s early days at the TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology). Homa, along with Lithoz CTO Dr. Johannes Benedikt, both students at the time, had a gut feeling that, if they could develop the …

Ceramic 3D Printing Global Market Leader Lithoz Celebrates 10 Years of Leadership in Quality and Innovation

– Lithoz, world market leader in high quality ceramic 3D printing, is this year celebrating a decade since its founding in August 2011
– An emotional celebration video was published to pay tribute to the Lithoz team spirit
– Lithoz renews its brand promise which is based on core values deeply rooted in the company’s foundation
– The anniversary serves as a perfect opportunity to look ahead at the future