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Formnext 2022: delivering the answer to ceramic mass production

After hitting several big milestones this year, including Lithoz’s most successful first half ever, acquiring our first company in the form of CerAMing and launching the brand-new LIS technology, the Lithoz team was eager to round off 2022 with the excitement of Formnext. With an expansive array of impressively innovative applications from industry, medicine and dentistry on show, as well as a sleek and eye-catching new booth, Lithoz’s visit to Formnext and the whole universe of 3D printing this year was greatly received by partners and visitors alike!

Our team at Formnext!

Our main highlight this year was delivering the answer on how to profitably mass-produce in ceramic 3D printing with the CeraFab System S65 as the perfectly scalable industrial printer. With a range of fascinatingly complex 3D-printed ceramic parts on display, many visitors to the stand were impressed by the level of flawless reproducibility and freedom in geometry offered by our LCM technology.

The strategic addition of powerful new additive manufacturing technologies to the Lithoz portfolio to fulfil even the most diverse of customer requirements all from a single source has been a key priority in 2022. With the Formnext premiere of the CeraMax Vario V900 and its Laser-Induced Slipcasting process for large, dense parts with thick walls, Lithoz impressively strengthened its position as the industry’s top choice for driving ceramic innovation forward.

The Lithoz stand at Formnext

The latest parts on show produced via Lithoz LIS and LCM technology also came from the most advanced ceramic 3D printing service bureaus such as QEP3D (LIS), Alumina Systems (LIS), Bosch Advanced Ceramics (LCM), Steinbach AG (LCM) and Fraunhofer IKTS (LCM) demonstrating how these companies have successfully implemented Lithoz technology into their workflow to manufacture intricate, powerful parts in series.

Another eye-catching aspect of our stand was the live demonstration of the CeraFab Lab L30, our budget entry-level model for those new to ceramic 3D printing. As the most compact 3D printer in our range, the live printing process helped visitors truly understand how our innovative process works, while the finished parts demonstrated how, even with the junior printer in the Lithoz range, it is possible to combine previously unachievable intricate designs with the desirable properties of high-performance ceramics.

Thanks to the continuous research of Lithoz’s experienced material engineers, at this year’s Formnext Lithoz has been able to launch two ceramic material innovations. The new LithaBone HA 480, a medical ceramic material specially developed for patient-specific bone replacement implants, had its world premiere. The fascinating bioresorbable parts on show highlighted the power of 3D printing to precisely mimic the unique bone structures of individual patients. The overwhelming interest in these parts proved to us that this newly launched material will go far and has a strong potential to change the game in human bone replacement surgery! The latest developments in 3D-printed dental applications were also of great interest to visitors, with additively manufactured lithium disilicate veneers, crowns and perfectly translucent, natural-look restorations drawing a lot of attention from dental experts.

Not only were visitors able to observe the printing process and parts on display, but for many the possibility to actually touch and feel a broad range of complex ceramic parts with perfect finish allowed for a true and valuable experience of the exceptional quality of components printed with Lithoz LCM technology. Rounded off by multi-material parts combining ceramics and metal, visitors were intrigued about the wide range of new applications such combinations will unlock!

Just some of our innovative range of ceramic parts on show

Our dedicated team had a fantastic four days answering any and all questions about high performance ceramics, 3D printing and how we see our technology disrupting the face of industry and medicine and rewriting the rules of ceramics. With large numbers of visitors to our stand every day, it was rewarding to share with you all our knowledge and share the message of ceramic 3D printing with a wider audience!

We hope everyone had an inspiring and insightful Formnext and are already looking forward to next year! Would you like to learn more about our activities this year? Get in touch to chat with our team!


17.04. – 19.04.2024
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17.04. – 19.04.2024