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Advanced Ceramics Show 2024

The Advanced Ceramics Show, formerly Ceramics UK provides a truly unique, free-to-attend exhibition and conference that brings together a highly focused audience from industry, academia and commercial R&D involved in the latest technical ceramic solutions.

​​​Co-located with The Advanced Materials Show, Battery Cells & Systems Expo and Vehicle Electrification Expo, the four shows will welcome 300+ exhibitors and 4,000+ visitors in May 2024.

Talk: „Pushing the Boundaries of Your Application with Ceramic Additive Manufacturing“ | Gerardo Igler, Business Developer Lithoz | Theatre D | Day one | 11:55 – 12:55

This session addresses the unique challenges and potential solutions in adopting additive manufacturing for ceramics. It will explore current technological advancements in 3D printing ceramics, the specific barriers such as material compatibility and precision issues, and strategies to overcome these challenges. The discussion will also focus on how additive manufacturing can revolutionise ceramic production, potentially transforming traditional methods.

Questions for discussion:

  • What recent advancements in additive manufacturing are pivotal for ceramics? 
  • What are the main challenges in 3D printing ceramic materials, and how can they be addressed? 
  • What comes next in the progression of additive manufacturing ceramics innovation? What is the end goal?


09.09. – 14.09.2024
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