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3D printing for high-performance ceramics

Let’s manufacture the future. Together.

Von der Industrie bis zur Medizin und weit darüber hinaus.
Mit den 3D-Druckern und Premium Materialien von Lithoz werden Visionen zu Projekten und bisher Unvorstellbares eine Lösung.
Unsere Kompetenz und Erfahrung für Ihren Weg in die Industrie 4.0.

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Interview with TCT Magazine - Laser-Induced Slipcasting: Dark Materials

When TCT met with Dr Johannes Homa to mark the 10th anniversary of Lithoz, the CEO recalled the ceramic 3D printing company’s early days at the TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology). Homa, along with Lithoz CTO Dr. Johannes Benedikt, both students at the time, had a gut feeling that, if they could develop the …

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Lithoz and Cornell University win grant to develop new 3D printing ceramic for clean energy reactors

Cornell University, alongside its start-up Dimensional Energy and Lithoz, has been awarded a grant to develop novel ceramics that could be used to 3D print parts of clean energy reactors.  Having raised $50,000 in funding, researchers at the firms are now aiming to come up with a new type of ceramic that’s better able to …

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Lithoz reports strongest first half ever, already receiving more than two-thirds of planned order intake for the year

Lithoz GmbH, world leader in ceramic 3D printing, has announced the first half of 2022 as being its most successful so far in their history At the end of Q2, the company has already hit two-thirds of its target order intake for the entire year After its founding 11 years ago, Lithoz has grown from …

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