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Ceramic 3D

Let’s manufacture the future. Together.

Von der Industrie bis zur Medizin und weit darüber hinaus.
Mit den 3D-Druckern und Premium Materialien von Lithoz werden Visionen zu Projekten und bisher Unvorstellbares eine Lösung.
Unsere Kompetenz und Erfahrung für Ihren Weg in die Industrie 4.0.

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Lithoz joins MTC in decisive move to drive ceramic 3D printing for industrial end users in the UK

8th May 2024: Vienna, Austria. Lithoz GmbH, world technology leader for ceramic additive manufacturing, has recently joined the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) to drive ceramic 3D printing for industrial end users in the UK. Through Lithoz’s new membership, MTC will extend its range of additive manufacturing options for various industrial sectors. Using Lithoz’s world-leading CeraFab …

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Silicon Nitride: The High-Performance Ceramic for Extreme Conditions – From the Human Body to Outer Space

Written by 3DNatives. Higher, further, faster – these are not only the demands placed on modern society, but also science, industries, applications and technology. Whether in the automotive, aerospace or medical sectors, the general aim is to push boundaries, expand existing possibilities and increase efficiency. But to serve these fields, high-performance materials are needed that …

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‘The Ceramic 3D Factory’: Lithoz launches a new dimension of 3D-printed ceramic serial production at ceramitec 2024

26th March 2024: Vienna, Austria. At the upcoming ceramitec, Lithoz will highlight their global ‘Ceramic 3D Factory’ network and launch the CeraControl software, driving ceramic additive manufacturing to a new dimension of serial production. Alongside the CeraFab System S65 in action at the Lithoz booth (A6.334), visitors can experience an impressive range of innovative industrial …

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