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The New CeraMax Vario V900

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Lithoz announces the CeraMax Vario V900 3D printer with all-new LIS technology for large ceramic parts in full densities

Lithoz will launch their brand-new CeraMax Vario V900 with Laser-Induced Slipcasting (LIS) technology at the upcoming ceramitec (21-24th June) This groundbreaking new technique has been specifically designed for producing large ceramic parts with thick walls and full densities unlike anything achievable so far using other ceramic 3D methods LIS technology uses water-based slurries of oxide …

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First Lithoz CeraFab Multi 2M30 in the UK delivered to government-backed research facility in Wales

UK’s first Lithoz CeraFab Multi 2M30 has been installed at Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult headquartered in Newport, South Wales This ground-breaking 3D printer can combine materials unlike ever before, opening the door to entirely new multifunctional applications With its research on this cutting-edge 2M printer, CSA Catapult will contribute to a new dimension of …

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Lithoz installs the first ceramic 3D printer in the African continent at CUT institute in Bloemfontein, South Africa

Lithoz has installed a CeraFab Lab L30 at the Central University of Technology in South Africa “In Africa – For Africa” – the very first ceramic 3D printer installed in the entire African continent marks another historic AM milestone The CeraFab Lab L30, designed as an entry-level model, will be used in the MedAdd project …

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