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We live by our values

Since our founding, Lithoz has been characterized by one central promise - to always deliver the best possible quality for ceramic 3D printing and to continually push the limits of ceramics development as an active partner to our customers. Behind this promise are our values, which have become the DNA of Lithoz throughout our history.

"We started in a very simple workshop and built the first machine all by ourselves. Every nut and bolt was purely us. But we had a clear vision right from the start."

Dr. Johannes benedikt, CTO and Lithoz co-founder

In 2010, after years of intensive research, Dr. Johannes Homa and Dr. Johannes Benedikt had the decisive breakthrough they had been searching for: they finally managed to manufacture technical ceramics with equal properties as those produced using conventional technologies (such as slipcasting). Motivated by this success, the pair decided to continue their work - and thus, Lithoz GmbH was born.

People first

One of Lithoz's most important values is being aware that the cornerstone of our success since the beginning has been the people who work here. Behind every successful customer project and every breakthrough innovation is a team of passionate employees. Lithoz's goal is to thank each and every one of them for this commitment every day with humanity, enjoyment of their work and new opportunities for fulfillment.

Strong Ties to Academia

As a company born out of university, Lithoz has enduring strong ties with academia to this day and offers internships and research projects to the best talents in their field. Many Lithoz customers can be found in academia, with their results being passed directly back into the world of research. This connection to academia will always remain a core value, being rooted in the foundation years of Lithoz and thus being imprinted in its DNA. The strong academic background will ensure a constant transfer of knowledge.

Endurance & Absolute Precision

It was consistent development of our technology over several years and the conviction that we would not be satisfied until we had a perfect product that ultimately led to our decisive breakthrough. To this day, this commitment to absolute precision and concentrated perseverance form the solid foundation that will always accompany us on our mission to decisively shape the future of the ceramics industry.

Partnerships with our Customers

At Lithoz, we believe that mere invention alone is far from enough - but that true innovation takes collaboration with other companies and research institutions to successfully bring a new development to market. Lithoz does not only has customers, but also real partners with whom we work closely to advance the technology together. In this way, we form integral partnerships from which the development of a new application can successfully grow.

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