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Promising quality

Delivering Precision

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The ceramic industry has zero tolerance for mistakes for good reason - a single miniscule defect can lead to the complete failure of the part and therefore the application. As a result, Lithoz is entirely committed to achieving the best possible accuracy when it comes to their technology and materials. It is this commitment has allowed the company to become the global market and innovation leader in its field.

Product quality

High-performance ceramic material is primarily used where other materials fail. Under such exceptionally extreme conditions, creating flawless and fully functional components for our customers is of paramount importance. The Lithoz team works meticulously and enduringly to constantly improve our products and services. We are committed to providing each customer with printers and materials of the highest possible quality, enabling them to produce the highest quality themselves. In doing so, we also support the development of knowledge and competence in the use of our systems in a lively exchange with our customers.

Customer satisfaction

Ceramic materials are used in a wide variety of applications. Naturally, our customers also therefore have completely individual requirements for Lithoz 3D printers and premium materials. Our quality promise is to identify, evaluate and fulfill these different customer needs. We obtain this information through intensive exchange with each of our customers. The absolute confidentiality of information regarding non-disclosure clauses is a matter of utmost importance for us.


Our customers are the heart and soul of Lithoz! For this reason, the involvement of our customers is one of our key priorities. Because we know from experience: it is only through constructive cooperation that LCM technology will really unfold its potential to open up new paths in ceramic manufacturing. Through this continuous exchange, we at Lithoz are simultaneously able to incorporate invaluable customer feedback directly into the development and optimization of our products, services and workflows - to the advantage of all our customers.

Lithoz is EN ISO 9001:2015 certified

Lithoz has been ISO 9001:2015 certified since Ferbruary 2019 for the development, manufacture and distribution of production equipment and materials for additive manufacturing of advanced ceramics. The certificate was renewed in 2022.

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