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Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing

LCM Technology made simple

Lithoz's LCM technology makes it possible to produce even the most complex geometries and miniaturized structures, enabling designs which are unachievable using conventional ceramic processes.

Vat polymerization

Highest resolution for complex structures

When it comes to absolute accuracy, high resolutions and complex structures, LCM technology is your clear first choice.

The powerful LCM process, developed by Lithoz, has already enabled the production of numerous innovative applications that meet or exceed the mechanical performance and reproducibility of ceramic components made via conventional methods.

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The LCM Process

Starting with a CAD model, the first step in the LCM process is work preparation and design optimization. The information for the print job is digitally transferred directly from your computer to a Lithoz CeraFab 3D printer.

The ceramic-loaded liquid (slurry) is automatically dispensed and applied to a transparent vat. The movable build platform is dipped into the slurry from above before being selectively exposed to visible blue light from below the vat. Each layer image projected onto the slurry is produced via a digital micromirror device (DMD) in combination with a state-of-the-art projection system. By repeating this process, a three-dimensional green part can be created layer by layer.

After thermal post-processing, the binder is removed and the components are sintered, resulting in fully dense ceramic components. LCM technology utilizes decades of experience in processing ceramic powders. By using the same powders and ovens as injection molding, ceramic components with excellent mechanical properties and surface qualities can be 3D-printed.

Your LCM benefits

Speed up your time-to-market using tool-free engineering

By eliminating the need for expensive tools, design modifications can be made directly to the CAD data. Product testing is accelerated and time-to-market is significantly shortened.

This gives LCM technology a decisive competitive edge in rapidly responding to new sales opportunities. In addition, LCM solves the problem of demolding fine and complex geometries and eliminates the risk of errors caused by machines, while at the same time meeting all demands in terms of the ceramic properties of the finished parts.

  • Direct, tool-free manufacturing using CAD data
  • Quick and easy design optimization and product testing
  • Multiple designs in the same print job

Increased sales thanks to smart, functional designs

When designing applications, LCM overcomes the limitations of conventional technologies. Improved products and expanded functionalities generate entirely new revenue opportunities.

Growing customer requirements for product functionality can be implemented more quickly and easily with LCM technology. However, the additional functionalities not only increase the product value for your existing customers, but also offer a decisive competitive edge in the rapid development of new sales opportunities.

  • Innovative bionic designs, channels and pore structures
  • Undercuts, cavities and thin-walled structures
  • More functionality generating higher product value

Cost-effective mass customization through easy scalability

The linear scalability and smart software of LCM technology enables the operation of geographically independent, fully interconnected machine parks using Lithoz 3D printers.

Traditional manufacturing processes such as slipcasting require expensive molds and tooling for each component. With 3D printing via LCM, the CAD data can be instantly adapted to your customer's wishes. The batch-oriented production approach combines the possibility of individually customizing your products with all the advantages of industrial mass production.

  • Global scalability of series production
  • Identical parts - printed simultaneously but in different places
  • Fast response adaptation of complete series production
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