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LithaBone HA 480

Hydroxy apatite

LithaBone HA 480

LithaBone HA 480 makes the production of patient-specific, ceramic implants with extremely improved wall thicknesses and therefore more geometric flexibility a reality.

Technical Data (Preliminary)

Relative density (%)

72 – 98

Microporosity (%)

2 – 28

Minimum / maximum wall thickness (mm)

0.14 / 10

Material conformity (standard)
ASTM F1185

LithaBone HA 480 has a base of hydroxy apatite, a naturally occurring mineral that forms the main component of bones. Compared to LithaBone HA 400 it features much higher wall thicknesses and therefore a considerably better flexibility in geometries.

Due to its similarity to the mineral components of bone, both LithaBone products have optimal biocompatibility and osteoconductivity. LithaBone is completely resorbed and replaced by native bone tissue, so that the implant does not need to be removed after the healing process is completed. This protects growing children in particular from additional painful procedures.


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