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LithaBone TCP 300

Tricalcium phosphate

LithaBone TCP 300

LithaBone TCP 300 enables patient-specific implants with defined pore geometries. The material is resorbed by the body and replaced by new bone.

Technical Data
Relative density (%)
Porosity (%)


not cytotoxic according to ISO 10993-5

Irritation and skin sensitivity

not irritating to skin according to ISO 10993-10

LithaBone TCP 300 is a slurry with a base of the ceramic material beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP). Tricalcalcium phosphate (TCP) has established itself as a bone graft substitute in regenerative medicine due to excellent biocompatibility, bioresorbability and osteoconductivity.

Thanks to these advantageous properties, it is possible to manufacture patient-specific, bioresorbable implants with defined pore structures and geometries. These implants are absorbed by the body and replaced by the patient's own bone tissue, eliminating the need for a second surgery to remove the implant after the healing process.


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