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LithaCore 450


LithaCore 450

LithaCore 450 is a ceramic material precisely tailored by Lithoz to the challenges of producing increasingly fine structures in casting cores for investment casting.

Technical Data
Chemical leachability
very good
Porosity (%)
Surface roughness Ra (μm)
< 3
3-point bending strength (MPa)

LithaCore 450 consists mainly of silica with additions of alumina and zircon. It is used for the production of casting cores for investment casting. A typical application is the single crystal casting of turbine blades. This suspension is specially designed for the production of precise ceramic cores with intricate features and high accuracy. Sintered ceramic casting cores made of LithaCore 450 are characterized by minimal dilation up to 1500°C, high porosity, low surface roughness and very good chemical leachability after casting.


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