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LithaNit 782

Silicon nitride

LithaNit 782

Silicon nitride is a SiAlON ceramic. It has superior material properties especially in durability and resistance to temperature and chemicals.

Technical Data
Compressive strength (MPa)
> 3.500
Fracture toughness (MPa x m1/2)
Hardness HV10
4-point bending strength (MPa)

LithaNit 782 is a slurry with a base of beta-SiAlON ceramic. It is characterized by outstanding material properties, such as high strength, toughness, thermal shock resistance and chemical resistance to corrosion from acids and bases.

There is a wide range of applications for this material, such as insulators, springs or turbine wheels. Furthermore, due to its osseointegrative and anti-infective properties, LithaNit 782 has a broad variety of uses in the medical field - for example, for permanent implants.


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