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Laser-Induced Slipcasting

LIS Technology made simple

For the first time, Lithoz's LIS technology offers ceramic material an ideal platform for coupling the water-based suspensions already familiar from slipcasting with the dynamic developments of 3D printing.

Laser-induced drying for high-performance ceramics

Large parts with improved wall thicknesses and full density

When it comes to side, solid wall thicknesses and the processing of green bodies, LIS is your first choice.

The costly and time-consuming steps of conventional ceramic processes are not necessary with LIS technology, eliminating expensive moulds, long downtimes and time-consuming sampling. Conventional materials can be straightforwardly processed, while dark materials - such as SSiC or UHTCs - can be printed without restriction.⁠

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The LIS Process

© Jörg Lüchtenborg et al.; J. Ceram. Sci. Technol., 08 [4] 531-540 (2017); DOI: 10.4416/JCST2017-00091

Starting with a CAD model, the information relevant for the print job is digitally transferred directly from your computer to the CeraMax Vario.

At the beginning of each print run, a layer of water-based slurry of up to 1,000 µm is applied on the platform. A high-speed CO2 laser then selectively dries the slurry according to the layer pattern specification. Additional layers of the slurry are applied and selectively dried until a finished green body with the desired geometries has been created. At this point, the body is still in suspension.

After the last cycle, the build platform is raised, allowing the excess slurry to flow off and leaving the free-standing green body, which then undergoes the same familiar post-processing steps as in conventional ceramic manufacturing processes.

Your LIS Advantages

Saves time thanks to its rapid coating application and eliminates the need to wait for molds

With a layer height of up to 1.000µm, the CeraMax Vario V900 takes just 40 seconds to apply a layer. The waiting time for tools to be delivered is also now a thing of the past.

The enormous potential of LIS technology in terms of time-saving is also clear from the significant streamlining of the entire sampling process. Any fine-tuning of the various sampling parameters, such as filling quantities or pressing pressure, is independent of the quantity produced, while the exact calculability in the fully digitalized molding process also eliminates the need for multiple sampling.

  • Only 40 seconds per coating application
  • Elimination of up to 6 weeks waiting time for tools
  • Only one sample needed

Elimination of tooling and sampling costs

The LIS process does not require any tools, so not only is the waiting time reduced but tool costs are also eliminated. Sampling processes can also be greatly minimized thanks to precise calculation of the part shrinkage.

In conventional pressing processes, considerable tooling costs must be calculated for each modification to the component in order to have the customized pressing tool made for a specific component - regardless of the number of pieces. The elimination of these costs is a significant relief, especially for small batches or prototype construction.

  • Elimination of any tooling costs
  • Significantly reduced sampling costs
  • Reduced energy costs thanks to one-time firing

Reduced material costs using standard slurries

Due to heat treatment by a laser, the slurries used in LIS require only 2-3% organic binder. Approved industrial standard material is therefore directly adaptable.

Water-based slurries are hardened in the LIS process via local exposure to a CO2 laser along the specific layer pattern. Since the treatment is carried out exclusively using heat and thus by vaporizing the liquid content, inexpensive industrial standard materials can be used in a slightly adapted form.

  • Adaptation of cost-effective water-based materials
  • Dark ceramics can be printed without problems
  • No debinding firing necessary
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