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Ceramics Expo 2024

Join Lithoz at #CeramicsExpo – we’ll be in Booth 1409. And don’t miss this panel with Shawn AllanCraig RosenblumParimal Bapat, Ph.D. and Tim Keenan on April 30, 1pm!

Ceramics Expo brings together engineers, decision makers, end-user OEMs and buyers from across the globe to source new materials, components and technologies, network with like-minded professionals, and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the ceramics industry.

Talk: „Improving Medical Implants with 3D Printed Hydroxyapatite and Bioactive Glass“ | Shawn Allen, Vice President Lithoz America, and Craig Rosenblum, President Himed | Tuesday 30th April | 1pm.

Engineers and developers have been 3D printing with bioceramics for years, like with the FDA-approved and widely used synthetic bone and dental material hydroxyapatite, but the solutions haven’t really taken off in the medical field. The quality of the materials so far has not been consistent from one cartridge to another.

Since 3D printers started appearing in material science labs, a lot more synthesis and characterization work has been done. Do the material properties and bio effects of hydroxyapatite powders combined with polymers stay the same after printing? Can properties, like long term antibacterial effects, be improved by doping the hydroxyapatite with silver, zinc or copper?

Recent research has also focused on printing with different forms of bio glass and glass microspheres for customized bone implants. Orthopedics companies are now increasingly working with 3D printing companies to develop marketable solutions. In this session, participants in these efforts will discuss

  • What is holding back adoption of 3D printing with biomaterials?
  • What are the practical applications of 3D printed bioceramics today?
  • What solutions can we expect to see in the coming years?


09.09. – 14.09.2024
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