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IDS 2023: lithium disilicate restorations jointly developed with Ivoclar

With 120,000 visitors celebrating the 100th year anniversary of IDS in 2023, Lithoz was this year determined to premiere a significant innovation befitting the occasion – a goal the company successfully achieved. 3D-printed dental crowns and veneers made from lithium disilicate material, based on IPS e.max lithium disilicate powder and jointly developed with Ivoclar, were unveiled to overwhelming positive feedback at this year’s show, bringing a huge number of productive networking and discussions with dental specialists and opinion leaders to our team’s booth and generating excitement for the doors this breakthrough will open for dental 3D printing.

The lithium disilicate powder, which can produce veneers as thin as 0.3 mm and crowns with exceptionally high levels of detail, natural translucency and sharp representation of precise features, was marked by many as a ‘true innovation’ at the IDS 2023. One visitor described the samples showcased as one of the real highlights of the entire show, stating that ‘while there is lots to see at this year’s show, [Lithoz] will be the ones people are talking about after the show’.

There were a broad variety of applications and parts to be seen at the 24m2 Lithoz booth this year, with our team engaging in around 800 conversations from interested participants over the 5 days. Alongside our lithium disilicate launch, visitors were interested in seeing our other dental applications on show, such as bioresorbable jawbones or a zygomatic implant made from hydroxy apatite and tricalcium phosphate and additively serially manufactured dental implants made from zirconia (TZP-A) or alumina-toughened zirconia (ATZ).

Also on show at the Lithoz booth were live print runs by the CeraFab Lab L30. Visitors were able to experience an in-depth walkthrough of the entire LCM printing journey, with the 3D printer demonstrating live the printing process alongside a fully-filled platform with various restorations in their green state and a vast number of characterized parts both on display and as touch-and-feel samples.

With over 120,000 visitors and 1700 exhibitors, this year’s IDS was a very busy and strong show full of ground-breaking innovations and powerful new technologies, cementing the event’s status as the global leading trade fair of the dental world. The Lithoz team had a fantastic five days of good work and fruitful discussions sharing our latest breakthroughs in dental 3D printing, collecting many insights to the dental industry to prepare ourselves for the future market launch of the lithium disilicate material as a commercial product!

Want to learn more about our activities at IDS? Get in touch to chat with our team or find out more about the new lithium disilicate material jointly developed with Ivoclar here!


04.06. – 06.06.2024
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